We are Electra, the lines company delivering electricity to the Horowhenua and Kāpiti area.

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to check you’re on the best plan. Over half the customers who checked have saved money on their power bill. And you could too.

Sorry. Line charges are going up.

We don’t like it either and that’s why we only increase charges when we really have to (see details here).

If you live in the Horowhenua and Kāpiti area, whoever your power supplier, we are making it easier for you to be on the right plan in 3 steps:

check your current plan


switch to the plan that's right for you*



save on your next power bill

*You don't necessarily need to change your provider!

Kia ora.

You are my electricity supplier and I want to check I’m on the best plan please.


Simply find your power supplier below, click to contact them and check to see if you're on the best plan. You can even cut and paste the contact message example here. Easy!

Some additional ways to save…

Download our handy guide with easy every day power saving tips.


Download free guide



They are independent and can make sure you get the best deal for your electricity – 40% of users can save if they switch!

Then – let us know you're done, and enter the draw to win a BBQ just in time for summer…

Done? Now enter to win a BBQ!

Entries close 31 December 2021.
Read our terms & conditions here.
Winner will be notified via email.

Jane is not only saving on her power but was also the lucky winner for our December competition – check, switch, save. Jane is from Te Horo and after checking with her supplier, she found she was on the best plan for her already. Easy!

Jane from Te Horo

Jane and whānau picking up her prize – pictured here in front of Electra's head office with Nick O'Mara.

How others saved

We'll announce the January winner shortly…

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Murray from Te Horo

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